I’ve updated the website to really reflect best what I do these days, which is make mouth watering films about food. It’s a lot of fun to do and I really love it all.

I would love to spend more time writing blogs but I always run out of time so the madfinch website will have to do for now!

Madfinch website.

2 thoughts on “www.madfinch.com

  1. Hello David,
    I know you would still be enjoying your food adventures. I am living on King Island now for the past ten years, still making films and now growing organic blueberries.
    Wishing you all the best mate,
    Go well

    1. Well Hi Nubar so good to hear from you! Great to hear you are on King, that’s a place I have not got to yet. I promise to look you up if I ever make it over. How can it be 25 years ago we were at VCA! My life is really good I spend alot of time making food films for Hill Street Grocer. Funny I ran into Bojan Simic recently and he said I was probably one of the only people in our group that has constantly kept employed in TV since that course! Who knows but it has worked out alright for me. Love to see your films one day. I don’t use this site that you have contacted me on but glad you managed to buzz me. My stuff is over on Vimeo/madfinch Well all the best with your work! Pls get me directly via davidpyefinch@gmail.com & I live in Hobart.

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